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2024 Introduction to Beekeeping Course

(Beginner- no experience required)

Our 3-day Introduction to Beekeeping course provides the skills and husbandry required for basic beekeeping via the syllabus below.

Week 1   The Colony
Super-organism. The bees in a colony. Larval & bee development and comparison. Lifecycle & division of labour within the hive. Winter adaptation.
Origin & History
What is a honeybee? Anatomy. Communication. 
Origins of Bees. Bees through the ages. 
Hive development. Importance of beekeeping,
The Hive
The bees’ nest. Bees’ requirements. Hive components. Bee space. Supers. Frames. Tools & equipment. Apiary sites.
Week 2  
Beekeeping Year
Colony population through the year. Inspections & record-keeping. Seasonal management. Summer build up & harvesting.
Gender & castes. Queen & drone development. Mating process. Honeybee races. Colony characteristics & Breeding. Marking and Clipping
Reasons for swarming. Impact of swarming. Swarm prevention & control.  Swarm examples. Collection & hiving a swarm.
Week 3
Pests & Diseases
Pests. How to ensure healthy bees. Brood diseases. Adult diseases. Current problems. Varroa. Treatment options. Statutory requirements.
Plants & Hive products / Getting Started
Pollination. Collecting nectar & honey. UK & local forage. Wax, pollen, propolis, venom, royal jelly. Selling honey. Membership. Sources of bees, equipment and clothing. Setting up an apiary.

Practical Session– spend time with the bees learning how to do an inspection

The course is delivered in just three sessions over 3 consecutive weekends.

 It concludes with a Practical Session with the on-site bees at our Teaching Apiary.

(13 & 14th April 24, 20th & 21st April 24, 27th & 28th April 24)

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Bath Beekeepers’ Teaching Apiary,
Park Farm,
Bath. BA2 9JA