Becoming a Member

Our members enjoy:

Training and guidance in the craft of beekeeping.

Regular membership meetings to discuss global and local news, seasonal techniques, and upcoming events.

Advice from seasoned beekeepers.

Access to a network of support in the local area.

Sharing stories and experiences with fellow beekeepers.


Please note: Membership runs 1st Nov to 31st Oct in line with our accounting year.

  • Full

    For those who keep bees and wish to participate fully in all aspects of Bath BKA.

    Includes insurance for up to 3 colonies with the option to add more.

  • £34


    For those who reside within the same household as a Full Member.

    Partner Members enjoy all the rights of full membership but will not receive BBKA News or insurance (although this can be purchased separately if required)

  • £19


    For those who are generally interested in beekeeping and wish to support Bath BKA.

    Associate Members will not be registered as beekeepers with the BBKA and will not receive BBKA News.

  • £33.50


    For those who wish to belong to a branch but do not require BDI or BBKA public and product liability insurance.

    Country Members do not have any voting rights, but will receive copies of the BBKA News.

Become a member in 2 easy steps


Complete the Application forms

There are 3 ways that you can complete our application forms - either online, by email, or by post.

Join Online

You can now join or renew your membership online.

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Join Online

Alternatively, you can download and print our forms

By email

Attach the completed forms including confirmation that you’ve paid the subscription cost by bank transfer*

By Email

By Post

Post the completed forms including a cheque for the subscription cost, or confirmation that you’ve paid the subscription cost by bank transfer*

Address to: Membership Secretary: Jason Brabham, 117 Bath Road, Longwell Green, Bristol. BS30 9DD

*You can find our bank details on the Membership Application form


Return the forms and pay the subscription cost

We recommend you also register with Beebase, where you can record your apiary sites:

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